Esports Fan Engagement, Brand Activation and Betting Summit

April 2020 - San Francisco

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As we look at fan engagement, Media rights, sponsorship and advertising within traditional sports. Esports this year we will see revenue top $1 billion. As fan bases grow so does the interest from advertiser and brands.

The rise of Crypto-currency and Blockchain technology has huge commercial potential for the sports and entertainment industries. The blockchain technology driving crypto currencies is finding applications across the traditional and Esports ecosystems. In doing so they create new opportunities in fan engagement, interaction, live streaming and gambling – but equally present challenges in sports rights management, asset tracking and commercial strategies as rights holder look to leverage these opportunities across multiple platforms.

This summit will look the business of Esports and teams and leagues are increasing their fan base as well as address some of the key issues of how right holders, brands and teams navigate through this emerging sport. How can Esports advancing on how traditional sports models of reaching fan bases? what formats will extend the viewership and improve the experience and how the non-endemic sponsors can learn from the endemic’s sponsors approach.

Who Should attend?

• eSports Teams/Leagues
• Traditional Sports Teams/Leagues (NFL / NBA / Manchester United...)
• Traditional Broadcasters (Disney / AMC)
• Digital Broadcasters (Twitch / Facebook)
• Blockchain Technology Companies (across contracts/currency)
• Betting Companies (Betway / Betfair)
• Major Consumer Facing Brands (Coca-cola / Land-Rover)
• Fan Engagement / Data Analytics (SportRadar)
• VCs & PEs


San Francisco, USA

More information to follow shortly.

Contact Information

The Esports Fan Engagement, Brand Activation and Betting Summit 2020 is organised by The Sports Innovation Group. Find out more about by visiting

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